Different Types of Sushi

Who doesn’t love a good sushi restaurant? It’s one of the most popular choices in Texas! But did you know all the different types of sushi and what separates them? You might have noticed that sushi has other names on a menu while you’re reading it, but you might not have thought about it. There’s a lot more to sushi than you might first realize, though!

What Are The Different Types Of Sushi?

At Hanaya, we like to show off a little bit of our excellence by sharing our sushi knowledge with you! We want to go through three main types today, and we’ll start by listing them here for you!


Nigiri is a specific type of sushi made with thin slices of raw fish and placed over pressed rice.


A traditional roll consisting of fish, vegetables, and rice, wrapped tightly together in a thin layer of seaweed.


Sashimi is similar to nigiri in that it is thinly sliced raw meat (usually fish). The major difference is that sashimi isn’t served with rice.

How Are They Prepared?

Each type of sushi requires a different preparation routine to get them right. Your sushi restaurant should already know the perfect way to serve their sushi, so if they don’t, we promise we won’t let you down if you come to us!


Nigiri is pretty simple sushi to make. All it requires is a little bit of precision to thinly chop the fish ready to be put over the pressed rice. One thing to note, though, is that nigiri is always made with fish. You won’t find a meat nigiri (like chicken or beef) in any sushi restaurant. Since the fish doesn’t need to be cooked, it makes for an easy preparation time.


Maki is made with either raw meats or cooked meats. Depending on your selection, we’ll work to get your maki made to perfection. All it takes is a little patience to get the meats or fish packed inside the rice. Wrapping the rice in seaweed is a lot easier than it looks too! Don’t worry; there’s not much you can go wrong with making some maki.


Sashimi doesn’t have to be strictly fish, which sets it apart again from nigiri. You can get sashimi with just about any meat if you want to. Whether you fancy lamb, beef, chicken, or something a little more exotic, sashimi is easy to prepare. All it takes is a little bit of precision cutting to ensure it gets to the right size on your plate.

Where To Find The Best Sushi

Not to toot our own horn too loudly or anything, but you really cannot go wrong with the sushi at Hanaya in Flower Mound, TX. We prepare all three types of sushi to a standard unlike any other on our menu. Of course, we understand if you might find us a little biased, but if you just come down and try it yourself, you’ll see why we hold our food to such high regard!

We don’t skrimp on the quality at the Hanaya sushi restaurant. We use age-old recipes and traditions to make sure you’re getting the best sushi we can offer. There’s something for everyone here too. Whether you fancy some Nigiri, some Maki, or some Sashimi, we’ve got you covered. You could even have a mixture of all three and treat yourself to a truly astounding sushi-based experience.

Who Are We?

We are a fine dining establishment that focuses our efforts on delivering the best traditional Japanese delicacies! We also do a range of Asian Fusion food, so if sushi isn’t always your craving, we’re bound to have something else that grabs your fancy! We’re perfect for families, too, so bring everyone along!

As small as sushi is, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to make or that every type of sushi will taste the same. Our chefs were rigorously chosen to ensure you get the best sushi possible when you visit the Hanaya sushi restaurant. We cannot wait to hear from you soon! Look for us in Flower Mound, TX, and stop in! Our artisan sushi chefs will wow you with their skills and abilities.