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The Birth of Fusion Food

Who started food fusion? Fusion cuisine combines the culinary traditions of two or more countries to create unique and often highly interesting dishes. It is more common in culturally diverse and metropolitan areas, where such food has a larger audience. Some critics refer to the method as “confusion cuisine,” claiming that chefs rely on novelty…

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Sushi Etiquette 101

How do beginners eat sushi? To begin with, there is no wrong way to eat sushi. The goal of eating is to relax and take pleasure in your food, not to impress others. Since every sushi restaurant is unique, your setup may differ slightly from the one we’ve outlined below. But when it comes to…

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PhD in Ramen: What Makes A Ramen?

What meat goes in ramen? Although there are recipes for steak ramen, seafood ramen, and chicken ramen, the typical ingredient is sliced pork belly. Whatever meat you want to put on your ramen—pork, chicken, shrimp, or softshell crab—you can do so, but don’t hold it against us if it doesn’t taste good. Traditional ramen is…

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The Science Behind Sushi’s Addictiveness

Why is sushi so yummy? There is a scientific explanation for why sushi is so delicious, if you’ve ever tried it. Known as the “fifth savory taste,” umami is a term you may not be familiar with. The Japanese word “Umai,” which means delicious, is the origin of the phrase. We find food to be…

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There’s A Difference Between Ramen & Noodles?

What’s the difference between ramen and noodles? As instant noodles and ramen gain popularity in the international market, it is important to understand the differences between these two noodles. In the United States, ramen is incorrectly defined as a generic phrase for quick noodles. Ramen is a type of noodle soup from Japan. Because of…

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Are Fusion Foods Merely A Trend?

Why is fusion food so popular? Fusion food is a style of cooking in which conflicting culinary traditions or techniques are combined into a single meal. There are several types of fusion food, ranging from blending foods from different areas or sub-regions to food mash-ups. Mash-ups are one of the hottest dining trends right now….

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Nigiri at Home

Can you make your own nigiri? Yes, although it takes time to learn and master the techniques, but practice really does makes perfect. Homemade nigiri will definitely make you look like a pro, but it can actually be easier to make than you (or your guests) might think. Nigiri is perfect for no-frills sushi lovers….

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Food For The Gut: Sushi

Is sushi hard to digest? Sushi is easy to digest due to the use of cooked rice. The vinegar in the sushi aids in the digestion of the rice by breaking it down. Sushi is also high in protein and healthy fats, which can help you feel full and satisfied after a meal. Fruits and…

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Asian Fusion Food: Explained

What is meant by fusion food? Basically, this umbrella term refers to combining ingredients from various cultures and merging recipes. This method of combining culinary forces offers customers truly original flavor combinations and distinctive menu options that they can’t find anywhere else. Fusion cuisine has a convoluted history with obscure origins. It has probably existed…

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Tonkotsu Ramen: A Short Overview

What do tonkotsu means? Frequently confused with tonkatsu, but here’s the difference: Tonkatsu is fried pork cutlets, whereas tonkotsu is a type of broth made with pork. Although the Japanese word for tonkotsu literally translates to “pig bone” or “pork bone,” you won’t be ordering a pig bone for dinner. As a result, “tonkotsu” is…

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