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What Made Hibachi Popular?

Where did the name Hibachi come from? Hibachi is a term that has gained popularity, particularly among individuals who enjoy Japanese cuisine and dining out, or who want to try their hand at grilling Japanese-style at home. However, like with many foreign terms, their actual meaning appears to have been lost in translation or has…

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6 Reasons Why Sushi Can Be Expensive

Why is sushi so popular? Sushi’s history dates back thousands of years, specifically to the rice fields of Asia and China. You might find this surprising considering that the majority of people believe sushi originated in Japan. This is not the case, though. While Japan is undoubtedly the home of sushi and is credited with…

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The 5 Components of Ramen

What are the 5 components of ramen? Ramen is a Japanese noodle dish with a broth made from soybeans, wheat, and barley. It is often served with a topping of sliced pork, vegetables, and/or egg. It has been said that ramen is an essential part of Japanese culture. We can never get enough of ramen,…

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Nigiri vs Sushi

What is nigiri vs sushi? In my opinion, there is no difference in quality between the two, so if you’re comfortable with either one, then that’s great. But if you are interested in learning about sushi, I recommend trying it at a sushi restaurant like Hanaya so you can see the difference for yourself. Nigiri…

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Vegan Sushi: Does It Exist?

Can sushi be vegan? Over the years, sushi has become a popular food in the whole world. It’s so popular that you can find it at almost any location that serves food, from five star restaurants to grocery stores, and even in gas stations at some places. Is it made of animal products? It’s surprising…

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Different Types of Ramen

How many styles of ramen are there? More than 32,000 ramen restaurants can be found in Japan, many of which are crowded and have lineups extending out the door. What is now considered the nation’s unofficial national cuisine is a wheat noodle soup that was first created centuries ago in China. Ramen is the Japanese…

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10 Most Popular Sushi Fish

What is the most popular sushi fish? In the aspect of popularity, not all sushi fish are equal. Today we’re going to list out 10 of the most popular sushi fish on the market. Although one isn’t necessarily better than the other, and popularity doesn’t equate to quality and tastiness, we are going to list…

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Noobs Guide to Sushi

Is real sushi raw fish? I discovered today that sushi is not necessarily raw fish. Sometimes served with sushi, sashimi is just sliced raw fish, dipped in sauces and eaten. Typically, sushi is a dish consisting of rice with some other topping, but not always. It happens to be served with various types of sea…

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The Story of Sushi

Everyone has heard of the wonders of Sushi either by tasting this delicious masterpiece, or discovered it on an illustration online. Sushi has become increasingly popular,_ but do you know the history of Sushi? Where its from? How its made? and, how it came to be one of the most popular foods in the world?…

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Types of Steaks You Should Know

For a long time, steaks have been the most attractive and favorite dish by gourmets, especially those who are beef lovers. This is a delicious, nutritious dish with attractive flavors and irresistible side dishes, even if you are a fastidious customer. Currently, there are many restaurants serving high-class beefsteak. To learn more about the most…

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